Tinder: 10 Years Ago The World’s Most Popular Dating App Was Born

One of the best-known applications to find a partner globally reaches its first decade of birth.

The famous platform, which has had more than 500 million downloads and 70,000 matches, was created on a university campus on September 12, 2012.

This dating system was, without a doubt, a total revolution in the world of dating and connections through the Internet.

Even though people already contacted each other and knew each other through other information systems such as Facebook or Messenger, Tinder arrived to establish a sliding model that became quite popular.

In fact, according to its creators, this was the first application to allow people to discover others through the novel “left or right”.

Those who use the application can see photos of potential suitors and swipe to the right if they like them or to the left if they don’t.

When two people are attracted to each other, the app notifies them of this pairing and allows them to interact in a private chat, this is known as ‘matching’.

The success of this app and others that have adopted this system is that beyond looking for a partner, the priority becomes a kind of fun where you can spend time approving or disapproving of strangers.

And that generates pleasure in its users, who, according to Tinder, have come to do it more than 4,000 million times in a day.

New policies in the ‘app’

According to figures from the Tinder platform, in Latin American countries with a large population flow such as Mexico, this app has more than 26 million daily swipes. By 2021 it is estimated that the number of users worldwide will increasingly be more than 21 million people.

The idea of ​​the application is to connect people who, in general, are interested in finding a partner with whom different types of relationships can arise, from casual ones, for sporadic encounters, to people who have gotten married, after having fallen in love. ‘unintentionally’.

The dynamics of the same allow the age range, sex, and desired interests of a potential partner to be chosen.

This situation, even though it can be exciting for some people, also lends itself on many occasions to committing more than one crime, especially against a population that has been violated for years, such as women.

The organization No More (“No more”, translated into Spanish), was founded to go against gender violence against women.

This generated an alliance with Tinder to protect those who enter the application and must cross paths with strangers.

One of the new policies is to increase the number of female employees working in the company. In recent months, since September 2021, this figure has increased by 30%.

Despite the new measures on the digital platform, many criticize Tinder and other similar applications because they are very easy to use by sexual predators and women are the main target of these criminals.

In addition, the organization End Violence Against Women (“Let’s end violence against women”, translated into Spanish) assured that the new announcements of this dating ‘ app ‘ were just a “small step” among the number of preventive measures that must be applied on these websites.

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